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Mission Statement :  The education comission is responsible for the religious formation and sacramental preparation of all parishioners.  It is the liaison between the Parish Pastoral Council and those within the parish structure responsible for the various aspects of total parish religious education.


BAPTISMAL PREPARATION :  Provides faith formation and sacramental preparation for the parents of a child who is to be baptized into the Catholic Church.

    Contact Person :  Eduardo Sanchez

    Catechists instruct parents in their responsibilities regarding the Sacrament of Baptism and assist in the celebration of the sacrament.

RELIGIOUS EDUCATION :  Instructs children in grades 1-8 in the foundations of our faith and provides sacramental preparation for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and confirmation.

     Contact Person  :  To be advised.  Call 773-262-6600 for information. 

     Catechists teach religion to approximately 15 children, using instructional materials provided, enriched by their won experience of Christian life.  The four key roles of the catechists are :  Story Teller, Teacher-Companion, Leader of Prayer and Witness to the Faith, Justice and Truth.

     Assistant Catechists support the catechist by attending to classroom tasks, and monitoring and may be required to substitute as the class catechist on occasion.

     Support Teams provide support to the Director of Religious Education (DRE) and substitute as catechists as necessary.

 * SPRED (Special Religious Education for the Developmentally Disabled) :  Provides a caring small faith community in which disabled adults come to realize the love of God through their life experiences within the SPRED community of friends, as well as in the parish and the broader comuunity.

    Contact Person :  Cathy Backer

    Leader Catechist leads Celebration of the word of God SPRED meets 24 weeks of the year.  Materials and training are supplied by the Archdiocese.

    Activity Catechist leads quieting preparation period.  Training is provided by the Archdiocese.

    Helper Catechists model behavior for their disabled friends.

RCIA  (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults)  :  Provides faith formation and sacramental preparation for people considering joining the Catholic Church, or those who baptized but have not yet received the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and confirmation.  also, RCIA welcomes the catechumens to parish life and helps them to feel welcomed by other parishioners.

    Contact Person  :  Cynthia Shaw

    Catechist shares faith and answers questions for the inquirers and catechumens.  The program meets 2 hours per week from September to Easter vigil and during Lent.  Participants meet for Scripture study after the sunday Gospel reading.

     Sponsor serves as a role model for catechumen and helps the catechumen integrate into the parish life.


*  ADULT FAITH FORMATION : Offers opportunities for adults to further their knowledge of our faith, study the Scriptures, or share their faith in a small group.  

     Contact Person :  Cindy Shaw  

     Facilitator participates in program/event planning meetings and the selection of materials and maybe asked to lead group discussions.

*  YOUTH MINISTRY  : Provide faith formation and opportunities for teens to socially interact with peers who share their faith.

    Contact Persons  : Cindy Shaw


Religious Education Ministry

Service Opportunities 

Faith seeks understanding in order to worship with heartfelt praise as well as to serve the Lord wholeheartedly as disciples.  We develop, share and use all our gifts to make a fruitful, loving community and a better world in general.

St. Timothy is proud to offer different ministries to all our parishioners and community.  Please contact us if one of  our offerings may be of benefit to you or if you feel you would like to contribute to the St. Timothy community by serving as a member of our Religious Education Staff (as catechists or support team) or one of our ministries.


Welcome to St. Timothy Religious Education Ministry.  The Programs and Ministries we offer include the Religious Education Program (Sunday School-Sacramental Preparation), RCIA, SPRED, Bible Summer Class and Baptismal Preparation.  Below are brief descriptions of our programs and ministries.

For information on any of these, please contact the rectory at 773-262-6600 or 773-262-6665

Religious Education Program

General Objective:          To serve God and His people by proclaiming His Word to parishioners and encouraging them to respond fully to their baptismal call.  Goals:1.              To equip all of our parents so they may effectively form their children in the Catholic Faith.

2.                To ensure that the parents and their children are taught to actively practice the basic teachings of the Catholic Faith rooted in the Gospel.

3.                To develop a life-long loving and intimate relationship with Jesus and the Blessed Mother.

       4.                To encourage all families to be fully active and participate in the Religious    

Education  meetings, activities and holy Mass regularly.  Sacramental Preparation: General Information (for Parents) :  Children must complete the two- year process of religious instruction for both First Communion and Confirmation in order to celebrate the sacraments of First Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation. Be sure to register your child/children who is in first grade for first year Communion Class and seventh grade for first year Confirmation Class. Old students need to register again for second year process (class).  We strongly encourage those students who have received their first Communion to register to our Post Communion class (On-Going Formation).  The Registration Forms can be found either at the church entrances or in the rectory and can be uploaded in this web. Classes will resume on the Second Sunday of September.   To register your child/children, please bring the following: 1.  All forms completed (forms can be found at church entrances or at the rectory);2.  A copy of Baptismal certificate;3.  Tuition Fee. 
                  DATE1 (one) CHILD  2 (two) CHILDREN 3 (three) CHILDREN 
 Early Registration until July 31      $ 75        $  110          $  140
 Registration Fee  for August-September      $ 85       $  125         $  155 
 First Communion